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"Review on 2017 Expo" 

Exhibitors: 27 countries and regions; domestic: Taiwan, Hong Kong and other 32 provinces and regions;
Exhibitors details: more than 560 exhibitors. The total exhibition area of nearly 20,000 square meters. Professional tour Buyers: more than 50,000 people.
Regional analysis of global exhibitors : about 25% abroad; 75% of domestic (Russia, Italy, Romania, the United States Walnut Association, Turkey dried fruit association, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China Jilin Pavilion, Yunnan Pavilion, Shandong. pavilions, etc.)
Regional Analysis on Domestic Exhibitors: Beijing, Tianjin Hebei are about 15%; Jiangsu, Zhejiang are 20%; Heilongjiang Jilin and Liaoning are about15%; Fujian 8%; Guangdong 7%; Shandong 8%; Yunnan 6%; Anhui 6%; Sichuan 6%; 9% on others.
More than 10 countries and regions buyers attended the expo.
The last expo audience analysis: the number of visitors: more than 50,000 person / times.
Industry audience analysis : 26% of the import and export trading company;23% of supermarket chains and stores ; 18% of retail food merchants; hotels, guesthouses, cafes,14% of restaurant ;11% of  bars, clubs, entertainment ; 4% of government agencies, associations, embassies, institutions, ; others are about 4%;

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