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Alvana Co., Ltd. was founded in Guangzhou, China as a wholly foreign owned (WOFE) enterprise in 2013. The company is a result of a collaboration of group of business oriented professionals in China. Alvana Co., Ltd. operates on international business values and integrates them into Chinese business environment. Company is focused on providing complete sourcing, representative, import & export solutions to partners from CIS Region countries and possess a great expertise in Automotive, Apparel, Furniture and Food segments. 
Excelling at any aspect of business with China - from Manufacturing and Consumer markets analysis to Financial and Government institutions cooperations, Alvana Co., Ltd. sets the highest standard of services, required by any company considering effective and safe business with China.

Potential Clients Database
Thorough research and rich experience in Chinese market allow Alvana Co., Ltd. help Your company find potential clients and make your product known in China faster.
Import License (Food)
Alvana Co., Ltd. is a licensed Importer of various Food products.
Customs Professional

We have the necessary experience in doing the customs clearance in China, providing all required documents and give clear directions to Your company as to what is needed from Your company for easy import process.

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