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Industry Information » \"Foreign beer\" Import has Soared 62% in This Year
    In recent years,  there are more and more “foreign beer” entering into China’s supermarkets. Relevant data shows that from January to October in 2015, China’s imported beer is with a year-on-year growth of 62.9 percent. Although the growth of imported beer in China’s market  came late, it has caught up from behind. With the consumers tending to be younger, cross-border e-commerce expanding extensively and further reduction of import tariff, some experts pointed out that the imported beer will continue to increase with a speed of 20 percent, and the domestic beer industry will face a bigger challenge.  In addition, from the report of imported alcohol statistical analysis, we can see that the quantity of imported beer companies added to 49 in one month.
   Reporters recently visited some supermarkets and found that there are different kinds of imported beer including white, stout, yellow beer, red beer, beer brown beer, etc. Brands include Heineken, Konig, Boddington, Caesar, Belgium, Germany Wernesgrune, etc. Young people are still the main consumers of imported beer. The foreign beers compared with domestic beers which are cheaper and taste unique.

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