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Industry Information » Alibaba Ready to Expand Business in Russia
WUZHEN  Alibaba founder Jack Ma said Wednesday that he is willing to increase e-commercebusiness in Russia, where his company saw its most rapid growth among all overseas markets.
"Alibaba is ready to help Russian companies build a complete e-commerce system," said Ma onthe sidelines of the second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province.
"There is great trade potential between China and Russia. This means we can do a lot of thingstogether," Ma told Russian IT companies at a meeting.
According to Ma, Russia can likely duplicate China's e-commerce success as the two countriesshare a similar business environment.
Alibaba is making efforts to globalize its business with a focus on AliExpress, its international e-commerce website.
AliExpress enjoyed huge success in Russia during the Single's Day shopping spree last month,with one out of every 10 Russians visiting the website and retail sales in Russia topping all otheroverseas markets.

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